An Ode to Triple-A Artists

The majority of music listeners this summer were dreaming of finding cheerleaders, dancing like Uma Thurman, and checking themselves for some bad blood. That’s cool for the summer, for sure, but planning my schedule for the next few months opened my eyes to an exciting revelation. Temperatures are about to drop, and more than likely, so will my radio listening.


After thinking back on years past, I’ve realized that I follow a particular pattern when it comes to my musical choices and enjoyment. I’m not usually much of a Top 40 fan, but during the summer months I tune in to the radio more than any other time of year. Perhaps it’s the bouncy melodies and summertime lyrics, or maybe I’m just on some sort of genre schedule, but there it is. Between May and August, you’ll no doubt hear me humming along with the radio every morning. But once cooler air hits south Texas initiating the beginning of Fall, you could probably play me the number one hit of the week, and I wouldn’t know a single lick of it.


I’m talking about adult album alternative music, also known as triple-a, soft rock, or adult contemporary. My love for this genre of music was born from growing up in the 1990’s, where triple-a music thrived on the charts. Bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon, Dave Matthew’s Band, and many more flooded the airwaves well into the early 2000’s, and instilled in me a love for the genre that continues to this day. You still can’t catch Kaitlin and me in the car together without us jamming out to at least one of the artists mentioned here. 

Adult contemporary music stems from the softer music of the 1970’s, and has a long reach when it comes to what makes a song triple-a. From easy-listening, to pop-infused soul, to music with more of a rock and roll base to it, the genre is ever-flowing, which I believe is what makes it so relatable and fun.


What will I be listening to this Fall? I’ll definitely run through my old favorites like every single The Fray song ever, the countless Snow Patrol albums that fill my collection, and a little vintage Ellie Goulding (I’m talking about Guns and Horses, people). But I hope to discover new triple-a music to rock softly to, as well.

I could honestly go on and on about my love for this music and the stories it tells, but instead I’ll just throw on a little Room for Squares and reminisce about the artists who introduced me to the wonderful world of easy listening.


Listen through some of my favorite 90s-00s soft rock hits, and feel free share to share yours in the comments below, or on Twitter @fanspeakfiles.

Everything You Want


Crash Into Me


Two Princes

Drops of Jupiter

Here With Me

How to Save a Life

Chasing Cars



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