Just Let It In: Trailer #3 for The Force Awakens

The Dark Side and the Jedi, they’re real! And they’re back!

With both new and old friends, and enemies, around every corner, The Force Awakens looks to be another grand adventure in the Star Wars saga.

As a proper trailer should, the newest glimpse into the film is just that. A glimpse. We still don’t know much about the plot at all, and for a film as epic and long-awaited as this, a quick peek into the story is just what we needed. The Star Wars team floods our emotions with nostalgia and longing with bits and pieces of the classic score we know and love, alongside a preview of both the practical and digital effects to come in the latest chapter of this galactic tale.


We see a lot of Rey and Finn, as expected and appreciated, and we get a few more lines from Han. Still no Luke in sight, but fingers crossed for truth in the rumours of his appearance.

We love it, and they know.

Also, Leia!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres in theaters December 18th, just in time for Christmas. Tickets on sale now!


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