LOTR’s Boyens to Pen Disney’s ‘Young Merlin’ Script

If you’re like me and have memorized the Lord of the Rings behind-the-scenes footage from cover to cover, then you’re bound to be familiar with the genius of Philippa Boyens and her work.

Boyens has co-produced and written alongside Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh on all of your favorite Jackson projects, including his Middle Earth epics, King Kong, and the beautiful The Lovely Bones.

Yup, she’s an Oscar winning screenwriter, and now that she has come up for air after the completion of the LOTR films, Disney jumped on the opportunity to find just the right project to attach her to.

According to Deadline, Boyens met with the president of production at Walt Disney Pictures, Sean Bailey, to discuss their latest project, an adaptation of T.A. Barron’s saga which tells the tale of a legendary wizard’s younger years.

You guessed it.


If this doesn’t have you salivating at your keyboard, I don’t know what will. The Disney overlords have made a top-notch choice in working with Boyens, especially for a story that she will be such a shoe-in for, and I’m excited to see her branch out of her comfort zone a bit. This will definitely be a project worth waiting for.

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