X-Men Apocalypse: Power Like This

20th Century Fox gifted us with our first full X-Men: Apocalypse trailer on Friday, and, well…WOAH!

With the return of our Days of Future Past favorites, as well as some new (old?) faces, Apocalypse is expected to be the most impressive of the saga so far.

Just the mere fact that the film prominently features the first and most intimidating mutant of them all, Apocalypse himself, is extremely promising for the storyline.

As a fan of the original comics, I’m talking back before Cyclops was portrayed as a love-struck wimp, I have high hopes for a reboot with characters we had previously seen killed in the early 2000’s films. Jean Grey, in particular. I’m excited to see what Thrones favorite Sophie Turner has in store for us with the character.

Speaking of character spotlights, how about that Professor Xavier spot, though?


What are your thoughts on how the film looks so far? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @fanspeakfiles!



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