Shh, the Force is Still Sleeping

It’s the Monday morning before The Force Awakens and all through the galaxy…

Jedi and Sith alike are geared up for this week’s Star Wars premiere, but the wait can be tiring for those whose nerves and excitement keep them from relaxing long enough for a good night’s sleep. By the time the alarm goes off, some had just begun their dream-journey to Tatooine, and now have to roll out of their cozy beds and into the office.

Thanks to our friends over at ThinkGeek, though, there are options in this galaxy for forcing us out of dreamland that don’t require a lightsaber at our feet.

Light Up Your Morning


Start your day on the light side with this softly lit bedside lamp.

Java (Jabba?) Up


The best use of the dark side is definitely in regards to your morning cup-of-joe, and this mug offers a rebellious way to use caffeine to your advantage.

Beep Boop Beep


If tea is your warm, caffeinated beverage of choice, let Artoo give you a whistle and offer up your favorite brew.

Lean on Me


Whether at work or at home, invite this BB-8 throw pillow to accompany you for a little extra comfort on this particularly sleepy morning.

“I know this smells bad, kid.”


And if you just can’t take the exhaustion any longer, cuddle into ThinkGeek’s Star Wars sleeping bag for a short Tauntaun-nap before getting back to work.

Now to await Thursday night, when we sure hope the Force awakens on time, and not after four taps on the snooze button.



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