‘Sweet 16’ Sims Update

Because in the world of The Sims, who doesn’t celebrate birthdays with a tragic clown?

SimGuruDrake announced over on The Sims Blog that in celebration of the franchise’s 16 years, an update will be released today featuring a few nostalgic details for fans to fawn over.

The Tragic Clown


First off we have the return of everyone’s favorite painting from the first Sims installment. A glimpse at the portrait in The Sims 4 will give your Sim a “Tragic Clown is Tragic” sadness moodlet. Worth it for the nostalgia? I think so.

The Grilled Cheese Aspiration

From The Sims 2 we have the Grilled Cheese aspiration. A sticky situation indeed, as this life goal will give your Sims the want, no, the NEED to prepare and consume grilled cheese all day, every day.


The Klepto Trait

One of the more maniacal traits in the history of the game, The Sims 3 allowed us to make our characters kleptomaniacs, and our Sims took advantage of the opportunity to say the least.

Klepto Sims would come home with a pocket full of stolen sunshine if they could, so be sure to check their inventory every once and a while for souvenirs from various adventures.


The Gardener

The wait is over! Now your Sims can be out and about, getting to work, or getting together and not have to worry about carving out huge chunks of time to slave away in the garden.

This addition is exciting news for fans, as the in-game benefits of a healthy garden are plentiful. From eating an apple straight from the tree, to selling herbs, to building the skill and advancing in the science career.


A gigantic thank-you to our favorite The Sims gurus for providing us with such a fun and elaborate game for 16 years.


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