Six Reasons My Cats Hate Supernatural

Any Supernatural fans in the house? I was recently introduced to the show, but like any binge-watcher worth their salt, I fell hard and fast for those charming Winchester brothers and the colorful cast of characters that fill their world.

But my cats? Not so much.


The family felines are getting up there in age, but they are just as sassy as ever.

So why do they hate Supernatural? Well…

This Strange New Distraction

image2 (1)

My fellow binge watchers know just how much of a time commitment a new series can be, and my cats are NOT happy about it. I looooove to snuggle up with my purrfect fur babies whenever I can, but usually Maddie and Frodo (yes, Frodo) will only come around on their terms. Well, as soon as the title card is rolling, they are so jealous of the Winchesters that they stand in front of the screen and won’t budge. Oh sweet kitties, if you would just snuggle up with me, we could watch together!

The Noise

I am 99% sure Frodo is embarrassed for me.

Supernatural has taken me on a roller coaster of terror to elation to surprised gasps and back again. Whether it’s a freaky ghost, an OMG-jump-scare, or a nail-biting fight to the death, I am incredibly vocal with my screams, shrieks, and giggle fits. Despite their reputation for being aloof, my cats seem very concerned with these loud outbursts.

The Salt Lines

FullSizeRender (1)
Maddie, probably plotting my demise.


Just FYI, if you were hypothetically planning on laying down salt lines just for fun in front of your doorway, I’m pretty sure your cats won’t like it at all. Especially when they lick their paws and make the face featured above. Sorry kitties, that’s a mistake I won’t make twice.

The Names


After watching hours and hours of the Winchesters saving people and hunting things, their universe has started to seep into my daily life. When I see an opportunity to celebrate my fandoms, I will definitely take it. In the spirit of SuperCATural, I may have tried to place angel wings on Frodo and call him Catstiel. That didn’t last very long, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The Goodies


How many hours have I spent falling down the rabbit holes of Pinterest and Etsy looking at fandom-inspired products? Supernatural is no exception, with especially crafty products made just for pets. You’d better believe that some crafty souls out there have spent hours carefully crafting anti-possession pet collars, plushy toys, and even horse bridles. As I browse the selection of possible purchases, my cats have some supernatural sense of their own and usually look over my shoulder. Judging me HARD. Maybe we don’t need the cat scratcher modeled after the ‘67 Impala after all…


One of the biggest reasons my cats hate Supernatural? The show is not all that friendly when it comes to kitty cats. What happens to the shelter cats in Season 9’s Dog Dean Afternoon? The baddie stroll in, abducts all the cats to harvest their organs for later, and decides to chow down on one poor kitty right there. In Season 8’s Man’s Best Friend With Benefits, Phillippe LeChat is a human/cat familiar of a lowlife master who forces him to do damaging deeds. Finally, my cats are peeved at being made to look like the villain in this very iconic Supernatural scene.


So there you have it, folks. My cats aren’t on the Supernatural train yet, but I’m hoping they’ll come around eventually. Maybe if I had dogs, it would be a different story! How do your pets feel about your current television obsessions? Let us know in the comments!


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