BBC Three Regenerates to Online Streaming

Last night, BBC Three said goodbye to your TV screen and hello to it’s new platform exclusively online.


BBC Three‘s audience remains in the 16-24 year old range, and as we have seen from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, young people shifted from live television to online streaming long ago.

The new service promises old favorites, as well as new programming including the previously announced Doctor Who spin-off show, Class.

Back in January, the BBC Three Youtube channel published a video featuring Chabuddy G from People Just Do Nothing, explaining just what the move to streaming means.

In their comprehensive Q&A, it is mentioned several times that all of the BBC Three original will end up on BBC One and BBC Two, but for an all inclusive BBC Three experience you have to log in to tune in.

Video may have killed the radio star, but it looks like the internet is that much closer to doing the same to television as we know it.

Sorry, Austin.

Put on the teley?
To the BBC!


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