Dress Like a Fan

At Fanspeak Files, we can’t help but fangirl over the amazing female role models in our favorite stories. These strong women often steal the show with their intelligence, patience, kindness, and above all, fierce independence. If these ladies were out and about in the real world, what kind of bold choices would they make? On this Transformation Tuesday, let’s explore the fun fashion possibilities if these characters were transformed from the page/stage/screen to modern day.

We’ll start with Harry Potter’s one and only Luna Lovegood. This eccentric Ravenclaw is always marching to the beat of her own drum, so she is no stranger to throwing out the fashion rule book.


Can’t you just imagine her rocking dreamy colors mixed with cheerful details? Frankly, we are 100% sure her pattern mixing game would be on point. You name it, and Luna can make it work like no one else!


Have you met the inimitable Angelica Schuyler? After countless replays of the Hamilton Broadway album, how could you forget her?


This extraordinary character (inspired by the real Angelica!) says her “only job is to marry rich,” but we know she does so much more as a smart, considerate power player navigating the social circles of her time. Modern-day Angelica’s razor wit would be matched with sharp yet feminine wardrobe pieces in a sophisticated palette that would leave her more than “satisfied.”


Full disclosure: I have been obsessed with The Lord of the Rings’ Rosie Cotton ever since I went full fangirl in middle school. Rosie waited a YEAR for Sam to return to the Shire. For all she knew, he ran away to marry a Bracegirdle from Hardbottle!


We know Rosie got her happy ending after all, and modern-day Rosie would wear her heart on her sleeve with a romantic garden vibe. We think she’s still dancing with ribbons in her hair, but probably at a rad music festival in soft colors and natural fabrics. 


Is there another character that inspires your #OOTD? Let us know in the comments!


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