Another ‘Star Wars’ Day at the Office

Tomorrow is a special day for those who celebrate the Force, but as so many holidays tend to do, Star Wars Day falls on the worst of work days, a Wednesday. Hump day, as some refer to it, is the middle of the week when you’re struggling to make it through to Friday, the light at the end of the Cave of Evil on Dagobah. Monday and Tuesday may have battered you, and now you must attack another eight hours at your job before coming out the other side victorious.

You may be pondering how you could possibly enjoy such an out-of-this-world holiday stuck at the office, but there is always a way. Do or do not, there is no try.

Jenn Fujikawa’s Tauntaun Cookies

Image credit:

A plate of these incredibly creative and fun snacks would no doubt inspire the Force within even the most stubborn of non-believers.

Lightsaber Sensory Bottles


Image Credit: Little Bins


Hard work can be taxing on the spirit, and no one wants their co-workers stressed out on Star Wars Day, so throwing together a couple of calming sensory bottles might be just the solution.

Star Wars BINGO

Image credit: The Kiwi in the Clouds

Take a break, throw on the soundtrack, and play a round or two of Star Wars BINGO. If you really want the office to love you, bring a copy of The Force Awakens as a prize for the winning Jedi knight.

Office Door Decorations

Image Credit: Statics and Stationary

Surprise your boss with a Yoda-themed nameplate for their door or desk. I know from experience that keeping Yoda around at work can inspire a boost in performance, as no proper Jedi would ever want to let him down.

Stormtrooper Cookies

Image Credit: Campfire Marshmallows


These Stormtrooper decorated cookies are simple enough to throw together tonight, and delicious enough to satisfy even the grumpiest of Siths tomorrow.

DIY Lightsaber Pencils

Image Credit: The Thrifty Couple


What’s a holiday without goodies to share? These lightsaber pencils are easy, useful, and downright empowering when taking meeting notes or completing a project.

How are you celebrating Star Wars Day with your co-workers? Tell us in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook!


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