NBC Orders Pilot for DC Comedy ‘Powerless’

DC superheroes meets The Office?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC is taking a chance on a new kind of superhero show, a half-hour comedy series. Powerless will follow a handful of employees at an insurance company as they handle the evils of the DC universe, but without any Kryptonian heritage or training from masters in martial arts.

powerless (1)

This story idea seems straight out of the pages of the everyday fan-fiction writer, but in actuality Powerless is the brainchild of writer and creator Ben Queen, who most recently worked on A to Z, also an NBC project.

The series stars Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, an insurance agent that deals with the mess our favorite DC superheroes tend leave in their wake, and Firefly’s Alan Tudyk as Del, reportedly Locke’s manager at the agency. Funny-guy Danny Pudi will also be featured in the series, best known for his role on Community.


What are your thoughts on a sitcom, comedic look at the world of superheroes? Talk to us in the comments below, or on Twitter @FanspeakFiles!


Image Credits: NBC


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