You Vader Watch Out: Darth Vader is Back

Ready your cosplay, and practice your breathing techniques, because EW just broke some huge Star Wars news.

Director Gareth Edward’s Star Wars: Rogue One will indeed feature America’s favorite villain, Darth Vader.

The publication states that they’ll have more details on the return in Friday’s edition, including a look at the Sith-lord’s first day on set. Vader’s return isn’t much of a surprise seeing that Rogue One is supposed to take place during Vader’s rule, and the whole plot of the film involves swiping the plans for the Death Star, but the news is exciting, nonetheless.


Alongside details on Vader’s return, EW promises more information on the story’s protagonist, Jyn Erso, and details on the rest of the cast of characters, as well, including a new villain played by Ben Mendelsohn.

In cased you missed it, check out the official teaser trailer for Rogue One below.


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