Rory Gilmore Talks Shakespeare and Snapchat with FLOTUS

The teasing is almost unbearable, but if the Gilmore Girls cast and crew weren’t as active on Twitter as they are, we’d be missing out on tantalizing tidbits of Gilmore like this video shared on the show’s official account featuring Rory herself discussing Michelle Obama’s world travels in support of her #LetGirlsLearn initiative.

We all know Rory is passionate about reading and learning from books, so it’s no surprise that she’d support Michelle on her mission to educate girls across the world. From EW’s first look at the show’s revival, fans have speculated we’ll see Rory working as a literature teacher, possibly back at Chilton.


But, only after a big break with the Obama family, because we also know that Rory worked for Barack Obama’s campaign after graduating from Yale.

There’s still so much to try and uncover regarding the hugely anticipated revival of Gilmore Girls, and hopefully Netflix will give us some relief with at least a release date sometime soon.


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