Netflix Sets a Date for ‘Gilmore’ Revival with New Trailer

Wonder no longer how Lorelai and Rory would feel about the likes of Amy Schumer, as Netflix has finally released the first clip from their Gilmore Girls revival series along with the premiere date for streaming on their ever-popular service.

This November 25th, return to Stars Hollow with your favorite mother-daughter duo, and their host of lovingly unique friends and family.

Sitting down for coffee and Pop-Tarts has never felt so good as we listen in on a conversation at the Gilmore breakfast table, a very modern-day, 2016 conversation. Fans have wondered for years how the characters of Stars Hollow would react to current events and trends, and luckily for us, that time has come.

What do you think of the show now that we’ve seen our first little glimpse? Let the viewing party planning begin!


Featured Image Credit: Netflix


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