What to Expect from PBS’ ‘Hamilton’s America’ Documentary

The wait is almost over for tonight’s premiere of Hamilton’s America, a look at the history and work behind Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway phenomenon.

Hamilton began as a brilliant idea, and grew into what many would call a masterpiece musical. Alexander Hamilton’s story, adapted by Miranda, has inspired countless fans to keep their eye on the prize, and do whatever it takes to get into the room where it happens.

good hamilton 1.png

The PBS documentary, set to air tonight at 9/8c, will weave together Hamilton and Miranda’s roads to success, chronicling the founding father’s life alongside  that of the writer and star of the musical.

“It kind of follows me on all of the disparate influences of the show, and that’s these three circles in a Venn diagram that don’t meet very often,” Miranda said in USA TODAY. “It’s hip-hop, it’s musical theater and it’s politics and history.”

good hamilton 2.png

Hamilton’s America will feature discussions with key political figures, Hamilton’s original cast members, and pop culture personalities, on top of the heavily anticipated clips from the show itself, both on and off stage.

Lucky for fans, PBS plans to stream the presentation on their website here as the documentary airs live on TV at 9/8c.

Check out the trailer below, and enjoy the show!


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