Back to Books: My 2016 Reading Wish List

We hear a lot of about growing older and not having enough time. How there just isn’t enough time in the day for going to the gym, or to dinner with your friends, or anything else that’s inherently good for us. All important, but there’s one activity that I just miss so much it tugs at my soul sometimes. Books. It used to be that … Continue reading Back to Books: My 2016 Reading Wish List

All Hail ‘The Queen of the Tearling’

I inherited a Kindle device about a year or so ago, and for a long while I barely laid a finger on it. For years I was so against digital readers that I remember making almighty remarks to my friends when they purchased and began reading from them. “Oh, but the feeling of turning the page…” “The weight of the book itself!” “Am I the only person … Continue reading All Hail ‘The Queen of the Tearling’

Happy Birthday, Sirius!

Back in early October, J.K. Rowling had a little fun on Twitter (nothing new) both supporting her team and bribing her fans to do so as well. Potterheads across the globe, whether supporters of the Scotland team or not, tweeted away in hopes of finally hearing this coveted information straight from Rowling herself. Lucky for us: That’s right, fans, today would have been Sirius Black’s … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Sirius!

Albus Severus is the Cursed Child

Following today’s original artwork release for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, show producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender spoke with The Daily Mail and released brand new information regarding the plot of what is being tag-lined as The Eighth Story. Nineteen Years Later. A statement from the creative team noted that Al must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted and … Continue reading Albus Severus is the Cursed Child

“Cursed Child” Official Artwork Revealed

Pottermore’s Twitter account revealed this afternoon the first official artwork for the upcoming Potterverse stage production, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The image shows a young wizard, presumably, perched within what looks like a golden snitch, bird’s nest type hideaway. (I open at the close?) As we still don’t know who the child in question is, the only real clue we have is J.K. Rowling’s constant … Continue reading “Cursed Child” Official Artwork Revealed

When You Think You’re a Tibby

Tabitha Rollins, Lena Kaligaris, Bridget Vreeland, and Carmen Lowell. If four bells just rang loud and clear for you, then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I always thought I was a Tibby. Creative, determined, and oh-so unique, Tibby Rollins is one of four fierce characters featured in Ann Brashares five part book series kicking off with the much beloved The Sisterhood … Continue reading When You Think You’re a Tibby

‘Twilight Reimagined’ Announced for the Series’ 10th Anniversary

“It doesn’t matter who’s a boy and who’s a girl. It’s a love story.” Stephanie Meyer announced on Good Morning America today that the 10th anniversary release of her book, Twilight, has a major twist to the story that may really excite fans, or simply bewilder them. In Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined (now available), we no longer follow the forbidden and dangerous romance between Bella and Edward, … Continue reading ‘Twilight Reimagined’ Announced for the Series’ 10th Anniversary

Middle Earth Meditations

Fellow fans, let’s talk about getting those precious ZZZs every night. Do you ever have trouble unwinding after a long day? I know I sure do! My thoughts swim around in my head and I find myself staring at the clock wishing for a better night’s sleep. Eventually, I came across the deeply soothing relaxation videos created by The Honest Guys. (Click here to check … Continue reading Middle Earth Meditations