Gear Up for Your Academic Adventures

It’s back-to-school time, fellow fans! Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or simply a sentimental adult, there is something so incredibly special about starting a new school year. I absolutely love this time of year and am positively giddy when the new school goodies (and discounts!) hit the shelves. There are so many adorable backpacks out there for learners of all ages to celebrate their … Continue reading Gear Up for Your Academic Adventures

Let’s Talk About Spirit Animals

Right now, it is undeniably in vogue to identify and intimately discuss your personal “spirit animal” at length. This might be fodder for party chatter, an icebreaker to quell the awkwardness of a date, or even a deep and thoughtful conversation with your besties. In any case, society’s fascination with “spirit animals” serves as an interesting personality construct for our own self-image as well as … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Spirit Animals

Brace Yourself: Dinner is Coming

I am a fan of many things, delicious food included! One of my favorite things to do is find specialty restaurants or novelty cookbooks that cater to superfans by serving dishes inspired by fiction. I know it’s hard to cope while Game of Thrones is currently off the air, but you can fill the void in your life by exploring Westeros one culinary experience at … Continue reading Brace Yourself: Dinner is Coming