These Are My Fight Songs

If you’ve clicked on your radio at all this past month or so, you’re sure to have heard Rachel Platten’s Fight Song at least once, but probably more like a thousand times. Stations have been running Fight Song on what seems like a constant loop, and for better or worse, the tune has been burned into my brain. With such empowering lyrics and Platten’s sweet … Continue reading These Are My Fight Songs

Sims 4 Announces a Whole New World

Feeling a little like Aladdin today. As a Mac user, I’ve only had access to The Sims 4 since February of 2015, but I’ve really grown fond of the game since it’s installation. Yes, it’s missing a few key components that have built up my love of the franchise (TODDLERS!) but the pro’s outweigh the con’s in my opinion. This generation of The Sims runs … Continue reading Sims 4 Announces a Whole New World