Lightsaber Escape

Did you love The Force Awakens, and are you ready for more? Well, all you need is a computer, the Google Chrome internet browser, and your smartphone. Google has provided fans with a new way to celebrate the franchise on this historic day with their exciting game, Lightsaber Escape. (follow this link for the game!) By syncing your smartphone through the URL provided on the site ( type … Continue reading Lightsaber Escape

The Sims Fandom on the Web

In 2004 the first sequel to The Sims was released, and the PC gaming world went nuts. The Sims 2 brought a level of personalization and in-depth gameplay to simulation gaming that had never been seen before. This is where fans first edited the faces and bodies of their characters, as well as the beginning of the family tree aspect of the game, with sims aging into old … Continue reading The Sims Fandom on the Web

An Ode to Triple-A Artists

The majority of music listeners this summer were dreaming of finding cheerleaders, dancing like Uma Thurman, and checking themselves for some bad blood. That’s cool for the summer, for sure, but planning my schedule for the next few months opened my eyes to an exciting revelation. Temperatures are about to drop, and more than likely, so will my radio listening. After thinking back on years … Continue reading An Ode to Triple-A Artists

Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Oh, Captain Kirk! What is there to say about the amazing James Tiberius Kirk that hasn’t been said before? From my very first foray into the Star Trek universe, his wonderfully over-the-top persona has taught me so much about strong leadership, following my sense of adventure, and of course, celebrating a little theatricality! To me, these songs reflect different aspects of Jim Kirk’s character: a … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Welcome to the New Pottermore

After waiting for what seems like forever after the Pottermore relaunch announcement (which was really only 11 days ago, but who’s counting?) the shiny, new version of the site went live today in honor of actor Tom Felton’s 28th birthday. I’ll start right here by saying that I already miss the interactive aspect of the website. So, if you were really into that in the old … Continue reading Welcome to the New Pottermore

Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

“She’s fallen too far, the girl that time forgot.” Series 8 spoilers, sweetie. The Doctor and his impossible girl return to the small screen this Saturday in the series 9 premiere episode, The Magician’s Apprentice. At the conclusion of series 8, we left Clara at an extremely critical and heartbreaking time. She lost Danny Pink, the man she had only just professed her forever love to, … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

Pottermore Relaunch and the Age of the Hufflepuff

It’s no secret that Kaitlin and I are huge Harry Potter fans. We were introduced to each other via The Lord of the Rings, but where we truly bonded was in the halls of the Hogwarts castle. From midnight book and film releases, to countless hours of fan fiction writing, we engrossed ourselves in the stories as much as we could. Little did we know, … Continue reading Pottermore Relaunch and the Age of the Hufflepuff

Headcanon Hits: Samwise Gamgee

According to Urban Dictionary, headcanon can be defined as “a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual.” At Fanspeak Files, our Headcanon Hits are songs that we feel fit a particular story or traits of the characters that we love. As we come across amazing figures … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Samwise Gamgee

Let’s Play The Sims 4

I am so excited to introduce our first installment of a new series, Let’s Play The Sims 4! I’ve always been fascinated with the Let’s Play series I come across on Youtube, and even turn on my favorite Sims based Let’s Plays while cleaning the house or reading. It’s just so much fun to see what kinds of shenanigans other simmers can get their characters … Continue reading Let’s Play The Sims 4