8 Rom-Com Moments to Prep You for RenFest

For many a southern folk, the Fall and Winter months are welcomed with arms wide-open as we look forward to the semi-cooler weather, the delicious comfort food, and the lighthearted spirit that surrounds the holiday season. All of these traits are fine-and-dandy, but the geeks and history buffs of the South have been waiting all year for one thing: RenFest. According to their website, the … Continue reading 8 Rom-Com Moments to Prep You for RenFest

I’m Going On An Adventure

Hello fellow fans, my name is Kaitlin, and I love to plan. As I sit here musing on another twenty-something birthday, my mind is filled with trepidation and exhilaration at what the future holds in store. People often say that’s what your twenties are for, but I would argue that whether you’re 18 or 98, you probably ask yourself that same question from time to … Continue reading I’m Going On An Adventure