How ‘Labyrinth’ Honestly Changed My Life

After countless Blockbuster rentals of the 1986 Jim Henson masterpiece, Labyrinth, our local store ceased carrying the VHS of the film when they began filtering out tapes altogether and converting to digital discs. I was a devastated 10-year-old girl when a visit to the store did not result in returning home with the movie, ¬†but my parents were sure to make things right. Firstly, they¬†bought … Continue reading How ‘Labyrinth’ Honestly Changed My Life

Meet and Greets Vol. 1

In May of 2010 I attended my first ever comic book convention, and even walked away with an Iphone photo and autograph from the truly amazing actor and stuntman, Ray Park. My obsession had begun. I know celebrities, stars, and artists are really people just like us, but with incredible skill, or incredible luck. You have to admit, though, that there is something special about … Continue reading Meet and Greets Vol. 1