What to Expect from PBS’ ‘Hamilton’s America’ Documentary

The wait is almost over for tonight’s premiere of Hamilton’s America, a look at the history and work behind Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway phenomenon. Hamilton began as a brilliant idea, and grew into what many would call a masterpiece musical. Alexander Hamilton’s story, adapted by Miranda, has inspired countless fans to keep their eye on the prize, and do whatever it takes to get into the room where it happens. … Continue reading What to Expect from PBS’ ‘Hamilton’s America’ Documentary

5 Story-to-Stage Adaptations That Aren’t ‘Hamilton’

From a young age, I have truly and deeply loved the theatre. A good musical or play is very much like a dear friend, bringing colorful characters into your life, revealing thoughtful stories and secrets, and urging you to change and grow. There is nothing quite like experiencing a live theatre performance for the first time, feeling the beat of the music pounding in time … Continue reading 5 Story-to-Stage Adaptations That Aren’t ‘Hamilton’

Dress Like a Fan

At Fanspeak Files, we can’t help but fangirl over the amazing female role models in our favorite stories. These strong women often steal the show with their intelligence, patience, kindness, and above all, fierce independence. If these ladies were out and about in the real world, what kind of bold choices would they make? On this Transformation Tuesday, let’s explore the fun fashion possibilities if … Continue reading Dress Like a Fan