Heroes Resurrected

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows there are three objects that, when gathered together, will give mastery over death. One item in particular is the resurrection stone. Three turns and the holder can bring back their dearly departed from the veil of death. But, as with all magic, there is a cost. They come back little more than a ghost, shadows of their former … Continue reading Heroes Resurrected

Headcanon Hits: Samwise Gamgee

According to Urban Dictionary, headcanon can be defined as “a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual.” At Fanspeak Files, our Headcanon Hits are songs that we feel fit a particular story or traits of the characters that we love. As we come across amazing figures … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Samwise Gamgee