Beware the Purple Man in Full Length ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer

Killgrave gets into everyone’s heads in the first full length trailer for Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Jones looks like a great alternative to CBS’s Supergirl, another superheroine series premiering this Fall. Both look like quality shows, but Netflix has presented us with a darker look at the life of the superpowered female, something that fans have long been asking for. Jessica Jones is the second in Marvel’s Netflix series, … Continue reading Beware the Purple Man in Full Length ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer

First Look at Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’

Marvel and Krysten Ritter fans alike are celebrating today’s announcement regarding the exciting new show, Jessica Jones, the second in Marvel’s Netflix series, following this year’s Daredevil, and preceding Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Based on the life of one of Marvel’s most popular female comic characters, this 13 episode series will follow Jessica Jones as she struggles to reconstruct her life after a tumultuous stint as a superhero. But, … Continue reading First Look at Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’