Rihanna Debuts New Song with ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer

Songstress extraordinaire Rihanna is famous for her eclectic take on today’s pop and R&B music, and now she’s prepped and ready to step into a whole new genre, galactic. Over the weekend the soundtrack to Star Trek: Beyond was teased online and given a release day of July 29th. Alongside the announcement, fans were gifted yet another trailer for the upcoming film, featuring “Sledgehammer”, Rihanna’s new single off … Continue reading Rihanna Debuts New Song with ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer

First Look at ‘Star Trek Beyond’

This week in movie trailers begins with our first look at the new generation of Star Trek without J. J. Abrams. Though we don’t see much  of the plot (except for THE ENTERPRISE BEING DESTROYED), the film looks to be carrying on the look and feel of it’s prequels, with an action-packed trailer set to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” as a throwback to young Kirk … Continue reading First Look at ‘Star Trek Beyond’

To Boldly Go: CBS to Give Us a New ‘Star Trek’ Series

Surprise! StarTrek.com announced this morning that CBS Television Studios plans to launch a completely brand-spankin’ new Star Trek series in January of 2017. With Alex Kurtzman, co-writer of 2009’s Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, at the wheel as executive producer, CBS hopes to revive the already beloved series with a breath of new life, and all new adventures. CBS Television Studio’s chief David Stapf … Continue reading To Boldly Go: CBS to Give Us a New ‘Star Trek’ Series

Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Oh, Captain Kirk! What is there to say about the amazing James Tiberius Kirk that hasn’t been said before? From my very first foray into the Star Trek universe, his wonderfully over-the-top persona has taught me so much about strong leadership, following my sense of adventure, and of course, celebrating a little theatricality! To me, these songs reflect different aspects of Jim Kirk’s character: a … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Let’s Talk About Spirit Animals

Right now, it is undeniably in vogue to identify and intimately discuss your personal “spirit animal” at length. This might be fodder for party chatter, an icebreaker to quell the awkwardness of a date, or even a deep and thoughtful conversation with your besties. In any case, society’s fascination with “spirit animals” serves as an interesting personality construct for our own self-image as well as … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Spirit Animals

Warp Speed Ahead to Star Trek 3

It looks like Star Trek Beyond is heading toward production at warp speed, and this Trekkie can’t wait! It’s no secret that the new Trek movies have certainly been divisive within the Trek fandom. I fell in love with classic Star Trek after watching J.J. Abrams’ reboot in 2009, so the new installments will always have a special place in my heart. Production for the … Continue reading Warp Speed Ahead to Star Trek 3

Fan Jams

Comicpalooza is almost upon us! Get hyped for this weekend by listening to songs that celebrate fandoms of all kinds. If you’re into comics, sci-fi, hobbits, steampunk, superheros, or even dinosaurs, there’s a song just for you. Whether you are road tripping to Houston, perfecting your cosplay, or prepping for your portfolio review, we hope this playlist sets the mood for all of your exciting … Continue reading Fan Jams

And Bingo is Our Game-O

Fellow fans, May is here and the city of Houston is buzzing with anticipation as we’re only a week out from Comicpalooza! Here at Fanspeak Files, Bekah and I mark our calendars months in advance and await the weekend with bated breath. Giant lego statues? Check! Cool cosplay? Check! Fantastic celebrity guests, informative panels, and inspiring artists? Triple check! We expect nothing less for 2015, … Continue reading And Bingo is Our Game-O