Back to the Wizarding World with Fantastic Beasts

Though we as muggles (no-maj folk) may not expect to encounter doxies, crups, or nargles in our daily lives, there is an obvious desire for the magical and the mysterious as even after seven books and eight films, fans still crave more from J.K. Rowling and her team of storytellers. Thus the film adaptation of a popular pseudo magical textbook was born, and on Tuesday we … Continue reading Back to the Wizarding World with Fantastic Beasts

‘Thrones’ Season 6 Teaser Trailer

Uncharted territory abound as the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones begins to surpass the book series the show is based upon.   And quite a teaser it is. With no new information and a lot of flashbacks, this trailer’s narration is on-point with “they have no idea what’s going to happen.” And oh hey, Bran, nice to see you again.   Continue reading ‘Thrones’ Season 6 Teaser Trailer