‘Sweet 16’ Sims Update

Because in the world of The Sims, who doesn’t celebrate birthdays with a tragic clown? SimGuruDrake announced over on The Sims Blog that in celebration of the franchise’s 16 years, an update will be released today featuring a few nostalgic details for fans to fawn over. The Tragic Clown First off we have the return of everyone’s favorite painting from the first Sims installment. A glimpse at … Continue reading ‘Sweet 16’ Sims Update

The Sims Fandom on the Web

In 2004 the first sequel to The Sims was released, and the PC gaming world went nuts. The Sims 2 brought a level of personalization and in-depth gameplay to simulation gaming that had never been seen before. This is where fans first edited the faces and bodies of their characters, as well as the beginning of the family tree aspect of the game, with sims aging into old … Continue reading The Sims Fandom on the Web

Let’s Play The Sims 4

I am so excited to introduce our first installment of a new series, Let’s Play The Sims 4! I’ve always been fascinated with the Let’s Play series I come across on Youtube, and even turn on my favorite Sims based Let’s Plays while cleaning the house or reading. It’s just so much fun to see what kinds of shenanigans other simmers can get their characters … Continue reading Let’s Play The Sims 4

Sims 4 Announces a Whole New World

Feeling a little like Aladdin today. As a Mac user, I’ve only had access to The Sims 4 since February of 2015, but I’ve really grown fond of the game since it’s installation. Yes, it’s missing a few key components that have built up my love of the franchise (TODDLERS!) but the pro’s outweigh the con’s in my opinion. This generation of The Sims runs … Continue reading Sims 4 Announces a Whole New World