‘ThinkGeek’ Stores Coming to Houston

As fans of countless TV shows, films, movies, books, and videogames, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of fandom memorabilia that has appeared online in the past five years or so. Sure, there’s always been a geek-led community that created and sold handmade gifts, and studios have taken advantage of entertainment merchandise for years, but there’s one online store in particular that has, … Continue reading ‘ThinkGeek’ Stores Coming to Houston

Shh, the Force is Still Sleeping

It’s the Monday morning before The Force Awakens and all through the galaxy… Jedi and Sith alike are geared up for this week’s Star Wars premiere, but the wait can be tiring for those whose nerves and excitement keep them from relaxing long enough for a good night’s sleep. By the time the alarm goes off, some had just begun their dream-journey to Tatooine, and … Continue reading Shh, the Force is Still Sleeping