Rory Gilmore Talks Shakespeare and Snapchat with FLOTUS

The teasing is almost unbearable, but if the Gilmore Girls cast and crew weren’t as active on Twitter as they are, we’d be missing out on tantalizing tidbits of Gilmore like this video shared on the show’s official account featuring Rory herself discussing Michelle Obama’s world travels in support of her #LetGirlsLearn initiative. Just a couple of girls talking about books… (👻: michelleobama) — Gilmore … Continue reading Rory Gilmore Talks Shakespeare and Snapchat with FLOTUS

Top Tweets from MACUSA So Far

Both the magical and No-Maj communities are all a-buzz this month with what feels like daily announcements regarding the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A huge boost to the movie hype is the Potter franchise’s online presence. From Pottermore to fan-made Tumblr sites, Rowling’s Wizarding World is at every corner of the web, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the new … Continue reading Top Tweets from MACUSA So Far

Potter Cast Family Fun

Proof that the Potter cast truly is like a big, happy family. Attitude magazine debuted their June cover Thursday, featuring a stunningly handsome Matthew Lewis in mid-shirt removal. Nothing too scandalous, but within the pages of the magazine are photos a tad more risque, to the delight of many. But Mama Jo took issue with seeing one of her ducklings in such a mature image. … Continue reading Potter Cast Family Fun