About Kaitlin

Meet Kaitlin, a Ravenclaw with a love for theatre, traveling, and bedazzled office supplies. Lord of the Rings was her gateway into geekery. Kaitlin is involved in education by day, binge-reads her Kindle by night, and lives every day by the Star Trek motto BOLDLY GO! How would you describe your first fandom experience? My aunt gave me a worn, old, hand-me-down VHS of Fellowship … Continue reading About Kaitlin

About Bekah

Outside of her hours as school district secretary, Bekah can be found either with a camera in her hand, or a computer in her lap. With a passion for storytelling that just won’t quit, Bekah contributes to several online publications, alongside photographing her favorite people (and dogs) and working on her first novel. At any given moment you could find her doodling plumbobs on her … Continue reading About Bekah