New World Magischola: 5 Fast Lessons to Get You In Gear

Earlier this week, Bekah shared with you a few questions someone new to the world of LARP may ask themselves before their first event. Now here we are, the day before our adventure when we’ll be diving headfirst into the uncharted territory of the wonderful world of LARP. The idea of LARPing(or live action role playing) may conjure up mental images like this: Or this: … Continue reading New World Magischola: 5 Fast Lessons to Get You In Gear

5 Questions You’ll Ask Yourself Before Your First LARP

It’s a big week for Fanspeak Files as we step into the night (or very early morning, depending on how you look at it) and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. This Thursday, Kaitlin and I embark on a journey to Virginia, where we will participate in a live action roleplay weekend hosted at the University of Richmond. For three and a half days, we will … Continue reading 5 Questions You’ll Ask Yourself Before Your First LARP

Fan Jams Part II: Party like an Ewok

Comicpalooza is here, Fanspeak fans! Get hyped with our musical medley inspired by everything from cartoons to superheroes to zombies. Whether you are visiting the great city of Houston by plane, automobile, or starship, turn up these tunes to set the mood for all of your Comicpalooza plans. May the Force be with you and all of your impromptu dance parties! Continue reading Fan Jams Part II: Party like an Ewok

Behold our 2016 Comicpalooza BINGO card

We’re less than a week away from Houston’s largest comic culture convention, and Fanspeak Files is as prepared as ever with this year’s edition of our Convention BINGO card. Last year we premiered this project at Comicpalooza and had a blast searching the grounds and keeping up with your pursuits on Twitter. We plan to keep the ball rolling this year, fandom friends, so be sure to save … Continue reading Behold our 2016 Comicpalooza BINGO card

8 Rom-Com Moments to Prep You for RenFest

For many a southern folk, the Fall and Winter months are welcomed with arms wide-open as we look forward to the semi-cooler weather, the delicious comfort food, and the lighthearted spirit that surrounds the holiday season. All of these traits are fine-and-dandy, but the geeks and history buffs of the South have been waiting all year for one thing: RenFest. According to their website, the … Continue reading 8 Rom-Com Moments to Prep You for RenFest

Comicpalooza Reviewza

What a weekend! Another Comicpalooza has come and gone, leaving your humble writers at Fanspeak Files with unforgettable memories and hearts longing for next year. Bekah and I have been attending the convention for several years now, and it is always such a pleasure seeing the positive growth and expansion of the event. Speaking of expansion, construction was in full swing at the George R. … Continue reading Comicpalooza Reviewza

Cosplay Dreamin’

Every year, Houston’s grand comic book and culture convention, Comicpalooza, creeps up on me. Sure, I order my passes and book my hotel as soon as possible, but about a week before the event I always regret not developing a cosplay. No matter how many notes on costumes and ideas I take the year before, another convention goes by without any sort of costume-play attempt. … Continue reading Cosplay Dreamin’

And Bingo is Our Game-O

Fellow fans, May is here and the city of Houston is buzzing with anticipation as we’re only a week out from Comicpalooza! Here at Fanspeak Files, Bekah and I mark our calendars months in advance and await the weekend with bated breath. Giant lego statues? Check! Cool cosplay? Check! Fantastic celebrity guests, informative panels, and inspiring artists? Triple check! We expect nothing less for 2015, … Continue reading And Bingo is Our Game-O