When LXG Meets BadFic

In the summer of 2003, actor Shane West was flying high. He was coming off of a run of successful “chick flicks”, and was just about to begin work on the beloved television classic, ER. A fact I’m sure he was never privy to, though, was my complete and utter love for him.┬áSure, he was pure heartthrob material in A Walk to Remember and Whatever … Continue reading When LXG Meets BadFic

BadFic: Fanfiction Gone Bad

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? In the days before social media truly kicked off, there were really only three forms of online communication. Email, AIM, and topic specific forums. Sports, science, culture, and plentiful other forums popped up left and right across the net. As young, aspiring fanatics Kaitlin and I knew there had to be others like us out there, somewhere. Stemming from … Continue reading BadFic: Fanfiction Gone Bad