Watch Glinda and Elphaba Change’For Good’ with this Stunning Reprise

It’s a very happy Friday indeed for Wicked fans across the globe as the musical’s Youtube page presents another addition to their #OutOfOz series celebrating the most beloved songs from the show. Kristin Chenoweth returns as Glinda, with Idina Menzel by her side as the heroine of the prequel story, Elphaba.”For Good” has touched so many people since it’s premiere in the Broadway hit, and … Continue reading Watch Glinda and Elphaba Change’For Good’ with this Stunning Reprise

The Flight of the Conchords Back on Tour

It’s been nine years since The Flight of the Conchords first premiered on HBO, and the  guys have sure been keeping busy since the series’ end in 2009. Most recently, you’ve heard Jemaine Clement on a few DirectTV commericals, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, and in 2010’s Despicable Me. And if you’re smart,  you’ve seen him in Dinner for Schmucks, Gentlemen Broncos, and What We Do in the Shadows. Not to be outdone, Bret … Continue reading The Flight of the Conchords Back on Tour

‘Sweet 16’ Sims Update

Because in the world of The Sims, who doesn’t celebrate birthdays with a tragic clown? SimGuruDrake announced over on The Sims Blog that in celebration of the franchise’s 16 years, an update will be released today featuring a few nostalgic details for fans to fawn over. The Tragic Clown First off we have the return of everyone’s favorite painting from the first Sims installment. A glimpse at … Continue reading ‘Sweet 16’ Sims Update

The Sims Fandom on the Web

In 2004 the first sequel to The Sims was released, and the PC gaming world went nuts. The Sims 2 brought a level of personalization and in-depth gameplay to simulation gaming that had never been seen before. This is where fans first edited the faces and bodies of their characters, as well as the beginning of the family tree aspect of the game, with sims aging into old … Continue reading The Sims Fandom on the Web

An Ode to Triple-A Artists

The majority of music listeners this summer were dreaming of finding cheerleaders, dancing like Uma Thurman, and checking themselves for some bad blood. That’s cool for the summer, for sure, but planning my schedule for the next few months opened my eyes to an exciting revelation. Temperatures are about to drop, and more than likely, so will my radio listening. After thinking back on years … Continue reading An Ode to Triple-A Artists

Welcome to the New Pottermore

After waiting for what seems like forever after the Pottermore relaunch announcement (which was really only 11 days ago, but who’s counting?) the shiny, new version of the site went live today in honor of actor Tom Felton’s 28th birthday. I’ll start right here by saying that I already miss the interactive aspect of the website. So, if you were really into that in the old … Continue reading Welcome to the New Pottermore

Pottermore Relaunch and the Age of the Hufflepuff

It’s no secret that Kaitlin and I are huge Harry Potter fans. We were introduced to each other via The Lord of the Rings, but where we truly bonded was in the halls of the Hogwarts castle. From midnight book and film releases, to countless hours of fan fiction writing, we engrossed ourselves in the stories as much as we could. Little did we know, … Continue reading Pottermore Relaunch and the Age of the Hufflepuff