BadFic: Fanfiction Gone Bad

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

In the days before social media truly kicked off, there were really only three forms of online communication. Email, AIM, and topic specific forums. Sports, science, culture, and plentiful other forums popped up left and right across the net. As young, aspiring fanatics Kaitlin and I knew there had to be others like us out there, somewhere.

Stemming from home sites like and MuggleNet, we discovered plentiful fansites with incorporated forums for heated discussions regarding ships, canon, and plotholes. But the most intriguing and exciting discovery we made from browsing these websites was the hundreds, soon to be thousands, of fan fiction writers and their work.

We had to try it, but after a few attempts on a public forum we realized standards were high in the fanfiction community. And so our own private little blogs were born, and out of them sprung some terribly terrific teenage fan fiction.

Starting with our one true fanfiction love, the Harry Potter universe.

Kaitlin and I truly are members of the Potter generation. 10 years old during the release of the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone film, I read the first book of the series weeks before the premiere date. I really felt like we grew alongside the characters throughout the years, and this feeling of connection no doubt caused our Potter fanfiction to be our most special.

But, like I mentioned before, everyone has to start somewhere, and our start may have been a little rocky. Special, but rocky.

Like many fantasy and adventure stories, a proper origin for the protagonist’s personality and impending conflicts is critical.

Sara and Michael Thomas had become the parents of a beautiful baby girl just three weeks before. Arabella Jane Thomas has naturally highlighted brown hair and entrancing blue eyes. Her dimpled cheeks and chin made her look very innocent indeed. She had a pair of the most loving parents, a beautiful home to live in, and a blessing that was as secret as the future to a non-psychic person.

And an eloquent description of their childhood home can’t hurt.

The Thomas residence was full of boxes {which all their belongings were still packed in} and the few things they planned to use throughout the next day {such as the television,food,clothes,etc.}.

Uh, oh. Ascending conflict! Time to tie these characters into the canon.

” What do you mean they are gone?!? ” exclaimed Sara a week later. She was speaking to Sirius over the phone that she had taught him to use. ” Lily and James cannot be gone! That is impossible! ” ” Sara! Pull yourself together, please, and get your husband! ” Sara lunged the telephone at her husband and ran into their bedroom sobbing. ” Michael you have to come along. I need your help to help Harry Potter. ” ” The boy survived? ” ” Yes, and that is the reason we must keep him safe! He survived and his parents didnt! ” Oh my….I’ll go by floo powder…I’ll be right there. “

…and the not so canon.

Bella starts to feel invited into the group.

Seamus: ” So Bella, tell us about yourself. “

Bella: * blushes * ” Well, my mom is a muggle, father was a wizard. It was a bit of a surprise when my parents found out I was a with cause the wizarding gene wasn’t supposed to come up until my second child. My mom didn’t want me to go to Hogwarts, so I was tutored til now. I wanted to go so she finally let me. Thank goodness she did! Ummmm……and my dad was killed by Voldemort cuz he was in the Order. What? ”

Dean: ” umm Bella, we don’t say his name here. ”

Bella was so embarrassed

Bella: ” Oh! I’m sorry ”

Arista: ” thats okay Bella, my parents were too. ”

Harry: ” Mine too. ”

A silence fell over the room.

The ridiculousness of it all is rather endearing at this point. We started our fun at 13 years of age, and I’m grateful that I was able to stretch my storytelling muscles early on.

But poking fun at it doesn’t hurt a bit.


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