This Week’s Roundup of ‘Gilmore’ Tidbits

This week surprised us with far more Gilmore Girls information than anyone had expected, seeing as we all thought that the next time we’d hear about the show would be with a premiere date announcement. Little did we know, there’s far more ahead that we had imagined.

Talk Fast

River Song in Stars Hollow

Well, not quite, but Dr. Who actor Alex Kingston did announce this week that she does play a role in the new episodes, and that she shot her scenes on location somewhere with Alexis Bledel who plays the character of Rory.

The Girls are on Instagram

The Gilmore’s are officially taking over the internet, with the addition of both their Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Subscribe to the Stars Hollow Life

Lite-Cube, a bookish monthly subscription box company, now offers a Stars Hollow themed box including wonderful items like Luke’s Diner mugs and Hep Alien buttons. The subscription is about $30 a month, and from the looks of the box it’s worth the money for someone on the hunt for great Gilmore swag.

Gilmore Goes Global

Starting this month, Netflix is streaming Gilmore Girls across the globe, giving people access to the show who may have never seen it before in preparation for the revival episodes later this year.

There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months, but please, please Netflix, give us a premiere date already so we can plan our rewatch accordingly!



Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Instagram

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