First Look at Key Characters in New ‘Unfortunate Events’ Trailer

Young readers growing  up in the early 2000’s spent many days and nights pouring over Lemony Snicket’s  A Series of Unfortunate Events stories, usually after picking up the latest installment at their school’s book fair. The story of the Baudelaire orphans is grim, to be sure, but the books were a great way to introduce middle schoolers to certain writing techniques like breaking the fourth wall, irony, and sarcasm.

Often, you could find a little bit of yourself within each of the Baudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, which made for fun and frightening reading on every page.

Fans eagerly await the new, show adapted from the books by Netflix, and today the first, true trailer was released featuring hints at many of the characters, and a fresh look at Neil Patrick Harris’ interpretation of Count Olaf.

The tone of the footage mirrors that of Daniel Handler’s original words, and hopefully as we see more of the show that trend will continue into the dialogue and storyline.

What do you think of our first look at Netflix’s adaptation? Are you a fan of the books, hoping for the best possible show? Let’s talk in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @fanspeakfiles and @bekahbabble!


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