New World Magischola: 5 Fast Lessons to Get You In Gear

Earlier this week, Bekah shared with you a few questions someone new to the world of LARP may ask themselves before their first event. Now here we are, the day before our adventure when we’ll be diving headfirst into the uncharted territory of the wonderful world of LARP. The idea of LARPing(or live action role playing) may conjure up mental images like this: Or this: … Continue reading New World Magischola: 5 Fast Lessons to Get You In Gear

5 Questions You’ll Ask Yourself Before Your First LARP

It’s a big week for Fanspeak Files as we step into the night (or very early morning, depending on how you look at it) and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. This Thursday, Kaitlin and I embark on a journey to Virginia, where we will participate in a live action roleplay weekend hosted at the University of Richmond. For three and a half days, we will … Continue reading 5 Questions You’ll Ask Yourself Before Your First LARP

Stepping Off the Fandom Scale

With the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga released and devoured, fans of the films and the books are popping out of the woodwork to discuss the universe with just about everyone they can get in ear-shot. Fandom theories, speculation, disappointment, and excitement are certainly shared amongst everyone with an interest in that beloved galaxy, so very far, far away. But, do you love … Continue reading Stepping Off the Fandom Scale

Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Oh, Captain Kirk! What is there to say about the amazing James Tiberius Kirk that hasn’t been said before? From my very first foray into the Star Trek universe, his wonderfully over-the-top persona has taught me so much about strong leadership, following my sense of adventure, and of course, celebrating a little theatricality! To me, these songs reflect different aspects of Jim Kirk’s character: a … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Captain James T. Kirk

Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

“She’s fallen too far, the girl that time forgot.” Series 8 spoilers, sweetie. The Doctor and his impossible girl return to the small screen this Saturday in the series 9 premiere episode, The Magician’s Apprentice. At the conclusion of series 8, we left Clara at an extremely critical and heartbreaking time. She lost Danny Pink, the man she had only just professed her forever love to, … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

Middle Earth Meditations

Fellow fans, let’s talk about getting those precious ZZZs every night. Do you ever have trouble unwinding after a long day? I know I sure do! My thoughts swim around in my head and I find myself staring at the clock wishing for a better night’s sleep. Eventually, I came across the deeply soothing relaxation videos created by The Honest Guys. (Click here to check … Continue reading Middle Earth Meditations

Hello, Sweetie: River Song Returns to Doctor Who this Christmas

It’s a dark, rainy morning here in Houston, Texas, but nothing brightens a ladygeek’s day quite like some epic fandom news! The official Doctor Who Facebook page announced this morning that Alex Kingston will return to the show this Christmas, reprising her popular role as River Song, daughter to Amy and Rory, and wifey to The Doctor himself. And, fans, we even have a Christmas … Continue reading Hello, Sweetie: River Song Returns to Doctor Who this Christmas