Jackson Teases a Doctor Who Episode

Remember the adorable little hobbit lass from Fellowship of the Ring?


Well, Katie Jackson isn’t so little anymore, and she’s teamed up with her father to allegedly announce something pretty huge.

After years of speculation, it seems that Peter Jackson, uber-Doctor Who fan to the maximum, has finally agreed to step behind the camera for an episode of the timeless show.

Jackson doesn’t once proclaim that he is indeed directing an episode of Doctor Who, but with Peter Capaldi roaming about in the background, all signs point to yes.

Unless he’s maliciously teasing us all, and a family visit with Capaldi simply spawned a plot for a Facebook video. Which is also a possibility, knowing these two.

Here’s hoping for a PJ helmed episode or so, and if the rumours are true, that we see a little bit of classic Jackson magic. With a horror-edge and some amazing practical effects.

BONUS SPECULATION: What’s with the bookmarked copy of The Silmarillion on the table?



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