Galentine’s Day in the Digital Age

Wherever you are on planet earth, powerful, creative, and intelligent women are making a difference in your life right now. Your mother, your sister, a local government official, a co-worker, a teacher, and down to the cashier who sold you groceries yesterday, smart girls truly do run the world. They run your world, and with Galentine’s Day rapidly approaching (February 13th!), I say let’s celebrate the ladies that lift us up and keep us afloat with one simple tool.


Alright, two simple tools.

Waffles and whipped cream.

The wonders of television and technology have turned an episode of our favorite series, Parks and Recreation, into a smart girl phenomenon with hashtags, Pinterest boards,and specialized crafts, all for the sake of being certain that the women in our lives know how much we love and appreciate them. It’s a spectacular thing, and a superb excuse to cook up a rockin’ breakfast.

And though the digital age has brought us many tips and tricks for throwing the ultimate Galentine’s extravaganza, it’s important to include activities that don’t revolve around the hostess’ WiFi password for prime female fellowship.

Cook together


This is where the waffles and cream come into play. Nothing exemplifies group effort quite like the hustle and bustle of a kitchen, and when that kitchen is chock full of ladies in their favorite pajamas blasting upbeat tunes and stirring up waffle batter you know you’re in for a good time.

Craft together

flower pens

Put those Pinterest boards to use and plan an hour or so of good old fashioned craft time. Vision boards, dreamcatchers, and Leslie’s favorite, scrapbooks, are all great activities to work on side-by-side, sprawled across the living room floor. Each of these involves sharing memories, giggles, and supplies, offering up plentiful opportunities for bonding and learning more about each other.

Compliment each other


In true Knope style, schedule a game or two involving spouting out niceties and compliments about the women at your event. Name drawings, Snap Cups, and compliment tag are fun strategies to bring out a positive energy in everyone, and awaken their inner glowing sun goddesses.

Motivate each other


Another activity to promote togetherness involves everyone listing a single trouble that’s been heavy on their mind, and each participant pulls an issue out of a pile and tries their best to stomp it out by brainstorming solutions. This helps everyone to hear different ideas on how to tackle their worries, without spotlighting themselves if they wish to remain anonymous.

Document the moments


Sure, we’re trying to steer clear of technology as much as possible, but just because you’re snapping shots of your friends with silly props at the photo booth doesn’t mean you need to post them to social media in the middle of the party. If it’s ladies night and the feelings right, of course you’re going to want to document the special moments. Just keep the tweets and posts to a minimum until the inevitable whipped cream hangover tomorrow.

Sometimes with today’s technologies we need to disconnect to truly be able to connect with the people around us. Strip off your headset and straighten your tiara, cause it’s going to be a night to remember.


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