‘Gilmore’ Revival Wraps Up Production

Fans of the beloved Amy Sherman-Palladino hit, Gilmore Girls, have had more than enough to celebrate this year. From the reunion panel in June, to the huge revival news reveal, to the swarm of selfies posted by the cast on set, this has been one incredible ride.

Everyone’s favorite diner-owner shared on Twitter yesterday that production had indeed wrapped on the series revival, and that we have plenty to look forward to from the magnificent Lauren Graham.

Graham, who is relentless with her own showering of compliments, has retweeted her cast members throughout filming, and praised their work on set as well. I for one have always trusted her judgement (though we all know Lorelai has her own issues), and am looking forward to the incredible performances she keeps talking about online.

Though we still haven’t heard an official release date from Netflix, we do know that the new content will premiere by the end of this year. As the months roll on, there are more and more whispers that the release date will be in December, just as the first new episode will take place in the winter months.

“Everything’s magical when it snows.”


We couldn’t agree more, Lorelai.


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