First Images from Gilmore Girls Revival


Entertainment Weekly, giver of all fandom news these days, has announced that their next issue will feature not only the Gilmore girls themselves, but a few more of our favorite friends from Stars Hollow.


What do we learn from EW’s story?

According to TV Line, who apparently has already read the issue, Lorelai and Luke are not married


Yup, NOT married, but from the looks of this photo things are still going smoothly for these two.

Our beloved Rory Gilmore is an English teacher


Jane Eyre, anyone?

Emily is still the queen


Kelly Bishop is incredible as Emily Gilmore, and even without her partner in crime (we love you, Edward Herrmann) she is still ruling the world.

And Miss Patty and Babette haven’t changed a bit


A Stars Hollow musical, eh? Destined for Broadway, we’re sure of it.

Nothing seems to have changed back in old Stars Hollow, down to Lorelai’s printed wrap-dress and Luke’s backwards cap. What do you think of this first look? Talk to us in the comments or on Twitter @fanspeakfiles.


All images: EW

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