Celebrate 39 years of ‘A New Hope’

The Force truly awakened back in 1977 with the premiere of Star Wars: A New Hope, and it changed the face of fandom forever for future generations of geeks. Critics and fans alike discussed how similar The Force Awakens was to the original, 39 year-old Star Wars film, and there are disagreements regarding how such similarities have affected the franchise. Are the filmmakers simply out … Continue reading Celebrate 39 years of ‘A New Hope’

First Footage from ‘Cursed Child’ Rehearsals

“One of the things I value most about the Potter fandom” J.K. Rowling said in a recent video shared on The Cursed Child’s Twitter page, “is that as a community they have really looked after each other.” A huge matter to the cast and crew is to keep details about the play as under-wraps as possible. According to Rowling, this is to keep the fans’ as pure as possible … Continue reading First Footage from ‘Cursed Child’ Rehearsals

Happy International Fanworks Day!

February 15, 2016 marks the inaugural International Fanworks Day, celebrating fandom and the art it inspires around the world. According to it’s creator, the Organization for Transformative Works, today is “a day to promote fan creativity in all of its forms,” something we try to do on a daily basis whether through publishing on the site or commenting on other fans’ work posted online. Though we didn’t … Continue reading Happy International Fanworks Day!

Stepping Off the Fandom Scale

With the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga released and devoured, fans of the films and the books are popping out of the woodwork to discuss the universe with just about everyone they can get in ear-shot. Fandom theories, speculation, disappointment, and excitement are certainly shared amongst everyone with an interest in that beloved galaxy, so very far, far away. But, do you love … Continue reading Stepping Off the Fandom Scale

Sharing Fandom with Your Little Padawan Learner

One of the first conversations my husband and I had when we found out I was pregnant (after the one about naming our child after Batman) was that he wondered whether or not the kid would be a nerd like us. After assuring him that The Force was strong with this fetus, I thought about this myself. Would our child be as nerdy as we … Continue reading Sharing Fandom with Your Little Padawan Learner

Happy Birthday, Sirius!

Back in early October, J.K. Rowling had a little fun on Twitter (nothing new) both supporting her team and bribing her fans to do so as well. Potterheads across the globe, whether supporters of the Scotland team or not, tweeted away in hopes of finally hearing this coveted information straight from Rowling herself. Lucky for us: That’s right, fans, today would have been Sirius Black’s … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Sirius!

Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

“She’s fallen too far, the girl that time forgot.” Series 8 spoilers, sweetie. The Doctor and his impossible girl return to the small screen this Saturday in the series 9 premiere episode, The Magician’s Apprentice. At the conclusion of series 8, we left Clara at an extremely critical and heartbreaking time. She lost Danny Pink, the man she had only just professed her forever love to, … Continue reading Headcanon Hits: Clara Oswald

Middle Earth Meditations

Fellow fans, let’s talk about getting those precious ZZZs every night. Do you ever have trouble unwinding after a long day? I know I sure do! My thoughts swim around in my head and I find myself staring at the clock wishing for a better night’s sleep. Eventually, I came across the deeply soothing relaxation videos created by The Honest Guys. (Click here to check … Continue reading Middle Earth Meditations