The Cast of ‘Gilmore Girls’ Talk Nostalgia and Excitement Over New Season

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the Gilmore Girls series premiere, and the show’s friendship with Netflix has made it that much more of a phenomenon. Hundreds of Netflix subscribers who may not have ever seen Gilmore before have tuned-in in order to be a part of the hype of the incoming revival season.

In celebration of today’s importance to the fandom, Netflix is serving coffee in pop-up diners across the country, and has posted a new video on their Youtube page featuring the cast discussing some of their fondest memories of the series.

And to top it all off, alongside of Kirk’s countless jobs he’s also the webmaster for Stars Hollow’s website, and it’s back up and running.

We’re only 50 days away from our return to Stars Hollow. You jump, I jump, Jack.


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